Being Free

A while ago I learned that there was a Roxy Girl Contest. For those of you who don’t know what Roxy is, it’s pretty much a clothing company that also deals with some sports apparel for things like snowboarding, surfing, and beach accessories. The prizes for the contest were pretty amazing and all you had to do was submit a 150-word essay telling Roxy what made you a Roxy Girl and include a few pictures. I read all the details about it and decided to give the contest a go. Before writing an essay I went and scoped out a few of the other entries for some inspiration and ideas. Most of the entries were kind of bland and all about them saying that Roxy should pick them over everyone else. There were a lot of entries with some pretty sketchy pictures too. I thought about it a bit, but then got writing. Here is the entry below.

Being Free

Being me. That’s what being a Roxy Girl means to me. Life isn’t always easy. It throws you curveballs and tragedies that can trip you up or knock you down. Being a Roxy Girl is about getting back up and seeing the best in a bad situation, finding the joys in life, and being daring enough to try different things. I am only 15, but I’m interested in many things. I love swimming, fashion design, drawing, sailing, surfing, food, running track, and much more. I especially love the water. The ocean reminds me of summertime; my favorite season. A time where inhibitions equal zero and time is spent with the ones you love. It reminds me of blistering hot summer days on the beach, swim practices with my friends, bonfires with s’mores, and sailing with the wind in my hair. I want to inspire other girls to love life and make them feel the same summertime freedom that I feel.


I was very proud of myself once I finished and went back to enter it in. There, I found one problem…

You have to be 18 to enter.


Oh well. I was pretty mad, but still thought it was good. I won’t be a Roxy Girl anytime soon, but maybe in three years I can try again.


I won’t go into all the details because the winners are announced on June 19th so the contest is a done deal by now. I will, however, leave a link down below so anyone can read the details.



How do m&m’s describe me? 

I’m colorful like the many colors you can find in an m&m’s package. I’m small, sweet, and can cheer you up when you’re down. I can be salty at times and I have many different moods, but inside I always stay true to myself. I get along with cookies and ice cream very well. Some people can’t get enough of me. Just remember I’m 230 calories, so lay off.



33 Things About Me

1. I’m short
2. My favorite color is red
3. I’m scared of trucks
4. My favorite place is the beach
5. I love roller coasters
6. I was born in November
7. I’m a swimmer
8. I hate braces
9. I cried at the end of the titanic
10. I like the smell of rain
11. Sushi is my favorite food
12. My shoe size is 5 1/2
14. I love Monroe from Grimm
15. Math doesn’t like me and the feeling is mutual…
16. My eyes are blue
17. I have a green thumb
18. I’m a shopaholic
19. Person of Interest is a good show
20. Mr. Cap thinks I’m his best friend…
21. I wish I had a British accent
22. I don’t think Chick-Fil-A is fast food
23. I am always broke
24. I love surprises
25. My first job (which I still have) is working at my pool club as a lifeguard
26. I’m an only child
27. I love photography
28. I prefer Facebook over Twitter
29. I like drawing and designing
30. I can be REALLY lazy
31. I’ve always wanted a trampoline
32. My favorite shoes are flip flops
33. I think writing 33 things about yourself is harder than it sounds